I kind of like running... a lot. It all started with a 5k, as it usually does, and now (a couple years later) I am signed up for the 2013 Chicago Marathon. So, mostly I will talk about running. And yoga and biking and maybe some forays into gaining a bit of muscle? Basically, everything associated with moving my body to enhance and improve my running.

I am crunchy. As in granola, apparently. I don't know what rock I was under but I somehow missed the whole use of the word "crunchy" thing. I found it, read a quick definition and thought "yep, thats me." So I might also talk about things I experiment with on my "green quest." Mostly in relation to food and health/beauty products since those are my biggest interests.

So what you will (hopefully) find here is ramblings on things I am interested in (read: obsessed with). The short list is: running, food, yoga, biking, make up, hair (I am a 'curly girl'), and reading.