Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Neighborhood Run

Monday night I did something I hadn't done in almost a year (or maybe two). I ran around my neighborhood. Now it might sound strange, but I never run around my neighborhood. Its quite hilly and only just over a mile going around the largest loop so it involves a lot of snaking around the same roads to get any sort of distance in.

But, I finished my BBB strength workout around 7:45 pm and I had limited light and didn't want to get all my stuff, drive 10 minutes to where I normally run and deal with lots of cross walks (there aren't as many once you get about a mile out... but with 1.5 miles out and back the most of the run). So I decided to suck it up and run around in circles on some hills.

I forgot how nice it is to lace up your shoes and walk out your front door and start running. I used to do this all the time from apartment I used to live in.

It was also perfect weather. The sun was coming out as it was setting and it was about 55 degrees. Definitely a wonderful way to start off my runs for the week.

Splits were pretty awesome as well.

I also decided to check out the elevation chart. It doesn't look like much but definitely a lot more than I am used to. I think it was about a 50 ft change over a third of a mile... whatever that means.

I might start working in some runs around my neighborhood just for the sake of the hills. Maybe.

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