Sunday, November 20, 2011


I am horrible at sticking to a training schedule apparently. Not that I thought I would be good at it though.

I made a small, easy, only 3 days a week schedule to stick to for the 5 miler I am running on Thanksgiving and if that went well I would sign up for the Bayshore on December 1st. I am not nervous about not being able to do a half marathon, I am nervous about not sticking to training.

If I complete a 2 mile run on Tuesday I will have technically completed all the runs more or less... just not exactly on schedule. I usually end up postponing my Thursday run that sometime then postpones my Sunday  run all the way into the next week. Throw in even colder temps and snow... this is not looking good.

But, as I finish up my half marathon schedules for the spring I have decided on only 3 day a week training with 2 days of good cross training and strength and one day of yoga and one day of rest. I will also not beat myself up if things don't go exactly as planned.

I have had a couple more runs since I last posted, I don't recall all of them and their specifics, but I did spend my Saturday night at the fitness center with a quick 3 mile speed training run with 2 800s at an 8 min/mile pace. It was hard.

Then I did a speedy 2 miles outside this afternoon... and decided I needed smaller running capris... or to remember to tie them really tight. That was a fail.

Speaking of running clothes I am excited to invest some money in some cold weather gear and a new pair of running shoes! Just have to look around a bit more and make some decisions. 
Any suggestions?

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