Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ghost Writer

Anyone want to be my ghost writer? Anyone? I pay in cookies? Or cupcakes? Or maybe even a penny a word if I'm feeling generous.


No one? Really? Fine.

A large number of bloggers like to blog because they like to write. I can't say I am really a fan of blogging yet... and I definitely don't like to write. 

Its the easiest way to really let some feelings out and straighten out some thoughts. And I find myself wanting to write through some feelings a lot of times. But I always get discouraged when things don't turn out they way I envisioned they would. And I am switching it up from making my posts centered. I didn't just forget to switch it.

All that being said, I should probably talk about what I have been meaning to post about for nearly two weeks. Training.

As I think I have mentioned I started training right after Thanksgiving. And after an (hopefully) outdoor 6 mi run tomorrow I will have completed two weeks of training. 


You see, I will have completed all the runs to a level of success that I am completely satisfied at this point. There has been some walking and some mild stops. But its the beginning and I may have some lofty training goals. I realize my goal should be to finish but I figured why not try to train hard. If its too much I can always take a step back. Go at slower paces.

Also in my defense. I was sick this week and managed to complete a relatively short speed interval run (3 800s) and a short tempo (3 at tempo pace... maybe not all completely consecutive). It was hard to breathe. There were definitely some phlegm and snot issues; I won't go into details. But I was on the treadmill trying and that is a success for me at week 2.

So, how am I sorta not completing training? 

I chose a plan that only included 3 days a week of running. That isn't much. You're supposed to cross train 30-40 minutes 2-3 other days a week. I had planned on 2 days of cross training and a day of yoga and of course a day of rest.

So far, we had 3 runs, 2 elliptical sessions, and 2 rest days. Eh. Not too bad. Then 2 (soon to be 3 runs), a yoga/Pilates DVD, and 3 rests (I was way more sick one day than the days I had ran and had already used my rest day for a crazy day in classes). 

So, definitely room for improvement. But with finals next week I am not taking things too hard on myself. 

I have a crazy holiday season coming up. With a packed exam week. 4 straight days babysitting. Christmas. A trip to Florida over New Years for my college's bowl game. And then my LAST semester will start. 

I have been messing with my training plan to work around this stuff as much as possible. My goal through break and until I can get on a solid schedule with the next semester is to just get those three runs in each week. All else is a much welcome bonus. 

Maybe I should post my schedule? Next time. I already rambled enough today.

And if you made it through this and realize just how painful me dictating my own thoughts is and have changed your mind and want to be my ghost writer. Let me know :)

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