Monday, December 12, 2011

Return to the Pavement

I ran six miles today... Outside.

It was glorious. It was cold (35* F). It was SO much better than the treadmill.

I haven't run outside since the Turkey Trot. That was two and a half weeks ago.

I had completed 5 runs on the treadmill. Which isn't that many. But it is more than I would have hoped.

I bundled up. I wore my new Nike pants and pullover. Gloves and a headband. Two pairs of socks. And it was perfect. The only cold weather breathing issues I had were because I'm still mildly getting over a cold.

I hope to get at minimum my long runs in outside (and having to wait until 2pm to get the most warmth our of the day) unless it's completely freezing and the side walks are covered in snow and ice.

I have a feeling I am going to become quite knowledgeable in winter running in these next couple months.

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