Monday, April 29, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon Training: Week 10

Another week down in training. Each week I keep planning on writing about specific runs to shorten these posts but it never seems to happen, so its a long one, again. The rest of the weekly recaps for this training cycle are here.

Scenes from Monday's run.
Monday: 4 miles. 3 out to meet a friend, about a mile or so walk, and then a mile run back to my car. And the BBB strength workout.
First 3 miles of 4.
Last mile back to car after walk.

Tuesday: I just did some core work... I was going to run; it just never happened.

5 mile negative splits.

Wednesday: 5 miles and the BBB strength workout. This run was especially difficult for some reason. I had 1.5 goals; don't start out too fast/negative splits from wherever. I think I did alright on those fronts.

Via Instagram.

Thursday: Core work and finally finally finally a seven mile tempo run. This run was also quite rough for some reason. I stopped quite a few times at the beginning before I got into the groove and kept a mental battle going the whole time on cutting it short, scrapping the whole "tempo" aspect, etc. I am technically writing this before I have even seen the splits, but I'm about to upload them from my Garmin to post them so I guess we shall see how I did.

7 mile tempo.

Friday: Decided on Thursday that I would claim Friday as a rest day. Oh so needed.

Smoothie and a walk after yoga.

Saturday: 90 minute heated flow. Not as amazing as last week's (different instructor) but still pretty dang good. And it was a gorgeous day. So I walked around a bit after the class and enjoyed the sun and warmth.

Sunday: 11 miles. Again, haven't seen my actual splits yet, but much the same as my other long runs. I did have a "3/1 GP" planned so I decided to pick up the pace for the last 3 miles to be around 8:30. Milestones of this run were that I was wearing shorts and a tank top... crazy. It wasn't extremely warm, but I hate getting too hot and I hate wearing short sleeves a lot. So It was perfect for me. An older woman I passed who was biking asked if I was cold and I aggressively/enthusiastically responded "Noo!". 

Bright colorful running clothes.

I also passed a guy on my way out and my way back. Right when I was passing him on the way back (just past mile 7) I was looking exhausted, and he clapped and gave me thumbs up and said something encouraging I wish I could have heard but I was listening to music. I love runners.

11 mile long run.
All in all, a pretty solid week. I said I wanted to be more flexible with my training and just get around 25 miles. I did 27, so that was good. Things that I 'missed': 800 speed repeats and the third BBB strength workout that I think I might make up this week since it focuses on arms and maybe switch it out with one of this weeks that is more leg-centric.

Other exciting things to note: I have started working on my marathon training schedule, yikes. I got some new Brooks apparel and may have found running shorts that I will actually run in for more than 3 miles. And, I stocked up on another pair of my favorite Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12s. They came out with the 13s and my size is sold out everywhere online but I found a pair at my local running store and compared them with the 13s and decided I wasn't ready to switch yet. That makes it 1 pair that is about to get retired, one pair that has started to be broken in and a brand new pair. Nope, not excessive at all.

Anything exciting to note?

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