Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon Training: Week 4

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Already behind on blogging. Typical. But I am not that behind so we are going to keep plugging along.

Week 4 of training was the first week that I didn't go anything like I had planned. But I got an amazing PR so that is all that mattered this week!

A look back at what was supposed to happen:

Week 4 | Before.
 And here is what actually happened:

Week 4 | After.
 I started the week downstate where my favorite yoga studio is and decided that I wasn't going to cram my runs in and just enjoy the yoga while I could.

Monday was a new instructor. The one I knew and had planned on going to was sick. It ended up being a pretty traditional class; a good mix of the Bikram series, flow, and floor series.

Tuesday was a "slow flow" class with one of my favorite instructors ever. It was slow, hot, and exactly what I needed. We worked on hips from about every angle. Really worked on half moon and triangle. And still managed to get a bit of cardio while also holding poses more. I left class being the most relaxed I have been in ages. Love love love.

Wednesday I was going to wake up early and run on the treadmill at the hotel I was staying at before I met a friend for brunch... I realized my shoes were still in the car right before I went to bed and when I woke up at 7 I was so tired I just knew it wouldn't happen. Instead I spent the day walking around and shopping all day. That's a workout, right?

Thursday was my first run of the week, yikes! Usually it's my fourth. Oh well. I did speed. Eight 400s on the treadmill. They seemed to take a while but went fine. Don't really remember much else from it.

Friday I was going to rest my legs before the race on Saturday but I wanted to get some more miles in so I did 4 easy miles on the treadmill.

Saturday: 5k PR! 23:51 in the snow and cold. It was rough, but oh so worth it.

Sunday; rest yet again. Midway through the week I had decided that I wanted to do 6 easy miles on Sunday... but that just didn't happen. I didn't want to. Not at all. And I used the previous day's PR as an excuse. And after 4 weeks of being completely "on" with my training I decided it was fine.

From a training perspective it wasn't that amazing, but overall it was a great week! I looked at my training schedule and realized that I have 4 more weeks of "hard" training and then a step back week and then 4 more hard and then taper and half marathon week, so this week was just my "rest" week after the 4 hard weeks I put in.

And this is what this week has in store:

Week 5 | Before.
What's that you see? Cross training? Yep, I'm branching out this week!

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