Saturday, March 9, 2013

Only Workout Your Arms?!

We all know that the media is filled with horrible messages in regards to body image, weight loss, dieting, fitness, etc. So I know when I get my monthly subscription to Glamour the the "Health" section is going to be cringe-worthy.

I could mention the apparently tested "dessert at breakfast" diet. (Say what??) But I am just going to focus on the workout they suggest in the April 2013 issue.


The title? "Work Your Arms. Forget the Rest!"

Ok, so I should just be working out my arms because they are the only thing that matter?

Well yes, if your arms are "sexy" it will trick people into thinking that your whole body is "sexy."

Oh ok then, so that means my primary concern is what other people think about my body and not how strong and capable and healthy my body really is?

Yep, you got it!

Awesome. That is the exact message we should be sending!

I will concede that the suggested strength moves target far more than just the arms (abs, thighs, butt, etc.) so the strength moves on their own I have no problem with, they are actually really great suggestions. The problem I have is the message we attach to working out and how its about the way we look and the way other people see us and not about what it does for you and your body on the inside making you stronger and fitter and more capable.

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