Monday, April 22, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon Training: Weeks 8 & 9

I'm not sure how I'm going to sum up two whole weeks without getting incredibly wordy and rambly but I shall try. You can catch up on previous week recaps here.

I'm going to skip the pictures of what what supposed to happen and what did and all that jazz cause frankly I don't have the pictures and I am going to try to be a little less structured this coming week and see how that goes.

Week 8 was my lowest mileage yet; crappy weather and an extreme treadmill aversion (just the thought of stepping onto it made me want to cry...) were not a very good combination. I also flew down to Richmond to then get in a car and drive back home (I was helping a friend move back, long story). I ended up driving through the night Tuesday night so nothing was happing when I got home Wednesday and it kind of threw me off through the rest of the week.

Monday: 4 easy miles on the treadmill and the strength workout for BBB.

Tuesday: 4 x 800s @ 8.2 mph on the treadmill. I totalled 3.5 miles that was supposed to be 4 but I felt really crunched for time to make my plane that morning and decided it was either finishing my cool down or stretching. I chose stretching.

Wednesday: As mentioned above, rest day.

Thursday: I did the strength workout for BBB and then I was going to get in a run but it would have had to been on the treadmill and I kept putting it off and ended up doing 45 minutes of yoga that was probably a record for length of doing a yoga flow on my own, I can't concentrate the way I can at a studio when I'm being told what to do.

Friday: Don't remember exactly what I was planning on doing, but I remember I kept putting it off and putting it off until it was too late and I just couldn't fine the motivation since the weather was bad and running would have been on the treadmill. Oh well, rest day it was.

Saturday: Strength workout for BBB and a quick 3 miles on the treadmill. Which meant I had only run three times thus far in the week and it had all been on the treadmill. Blah.

Sunday: I was supposed to run 10 miles. It was my mom's birthday and we ended up being out to lunch and with my Grandmother waayyyy longer than I anticipated and it was getting dark by the time we were heading home, so that wasn't happening. I did some more home practice yoga and really tried to work on my hips (so. freaking. tight.), hamstrings and knees.

Going into week 9 I knew I didn't have a long run planned so I decided to do my long run from Sunday that Monday especially because the weather was looking up for Monday. This spring has been SO awful.

Via Instagram

Monday: BBB added some core work this week and I decided that would go better with a long run than a full strength workout. I did that and then headed out in the late afternoon for my long run. Same story from my previous long runs. Too fast starting, gross positive splits, and then some negative splits at the end to show that I'm not entirely crashing.

10 mile splits

Tuesday: This was the day after Boston and I wore my race shirt from Rock 'n' Roll USA last year. It might have been a bit too chilly for just a tshirt, but I didn't have any clean long sleeve running shirts (I only own one and wore it for the 10 miles on Monday.. I am working on fixing this shortage).

Via Instagram

I was planning on 3 x 1600s. I went out to the civic center where we have a mile loop path that I thought would be nice for mentally knowing how much farther I had to go in the mile repeats. Well I warmed up for a mile trying to keep my pace up, then I went in for my first mile repeat and man were my legs tired. And then I realized that this was the workout I had planned before I did a long run on Monday... why in the world was I attempting speed??

Mile "repeat" splits.
I decided to just cool down for another mile and call it a day, plus my Garmin was on low battery so I figured it wasn't going to make it for more mile repeats anyways. I did also do the BBB strength workout that night, probably shouldn't have since it focused on lower body..

Wednesday: I technically had a pace run planned but I knew that my legs needed to not run. I did the BBB strength workout and spent about 20 minutes on the bike trainer. So boring. I need to get outside on my bike one of these days now that it is warming up!

Thursday: Rest day. I was going to at least get the core work in, but it didn't happen.

Friday: I got the strength workout for BBB in and again just couldn't muster the motivation to run.

Saturday: There was SNOW on the ground when I woke up. Yuck. And if you're keeping track, yes it was April 20th. It wouldn't have been that bad if we didn't have a burial service to go to and stand outside in the strong, cold wind. But then after that I went to an Inspire 90 minute heated flow. I used to go to this class on Wednesdays but they changed it and this is a different instructor. Long story short, I loved it. It was extremely relaxing while still being challenging/kick-butt.

Sunday: I did the core work I meant to do on Thursday and then went to run. I only planned on 6 miles. No long run this week. And I am glad I wasn't planning on a long run. Everything about this run was just off. I forgot my water bottle to have in my car before and after the run, chapstick of any kind and my Garmin. I had on capris that I don't like to run in because they are not tight at all and I feel like they don't 'hold me in' (TMI?...). Plus they are really shiny and slippery and my flip belt kept riding up on them, and I was also wearing a tank that I don't like to run in.. Things were just not good. I used run keeper and didn't like tracking my run on my phone. I got in the 6 miles but it was all funky.

6 miles via Runkeeper.

So all in all; not a ton of running has been going on and this is the point in training where I need to step it up and push through these last 5 weeks! I am happy that I have been getting in the BBB workouts and really enjoying it. I don't know what to do when it comes to strength training so I love the direction.

As I said at the beginning I am going to be a bit less 'scheduled' this week. My goals are to get in the BBB workouts, about 25 miles of running and tons of stretching and foam rolling (been good on stretching and very bad on foam rolling).

Yep, that was super lengthy. 

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