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Bayshore Half Marathon Training: Week 7

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Eight weeks down, seven to go. Doesn't it get confusing with a zero week? Oh well. Let's see how things went.

The plan:

Week 7 | Before.
The reality:

Week 7 | After.
Not too shabby. Skipped that dang tempo run again though. That's my goal this week. If I don't do anything else do the freaking tempo run. Ok not really... but sort of.

Treadmill Timed Mile.
Monday: Monday I started Best Body Bootcamp and did the first workout and the fit test along with a 4 mile run that included a timed mile. My mile time on the treadmill was about 6:47. That is my fastest "timed mile" by far but I am curious to see how I can perform outside with more accurate timing.

Tuesday: I did my first mile repeats for this training session. I don't really like mile repeats and decided to start out with just two. I did throw in a little extra warm up and cool down to get an extra mile in though.

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Wednesday: Second strength workout for Best Body Bootcamp. Which I think marks the most strength training I have done in one week this training cycle. And then I waited a while and went to do an easy 5 miles outside that turned into a 10k.

Mm. Gotta love the positive splits.. Not. Quit starting out sooo fast. I can obviously not maintain it. Geez. I need to learn.

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Thursday: The day of the elusive tempo run. Part of my rationale was that I did over 6 miles the day before with an overall average pace that is about my goal tempo pace for only 4 of the planned 6 miles. Which isn't really an excuse. And then I was out and about and didn't get back until late in the day and spent my time in the kitchen making a pasta dish and Coconut Cream Doughnuts (from Mama Pea's More Peas, Thank You) and just didn't run..

Friday: Third strength workout for BBB that started with these ones squats that I specifically said to myself "these don't seem that bad" but was about the main move that I was really feeling the next day... karma. And 35 minutes on the trainer following the suggested intervals for cardio for BBB. It was cool to have a semi direction on the trainer... I still need to learn more about the resistance and what gears I should be using.

Saturday: I went to a Yin Yoga class. I have been to Yin yoga a couple times in the past but this was the first time it was entirely Yin on the floor working hips and spine. It was a lot of work to quite my mind and hold poses for such a long time but definitely a needed stretch.

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Sunday: I had planned on doing my long run on Saturday (and making that a permanent change) but the weather was not cooperating so I decided Friday night to switch my long run and yoga around. I didn't get out to run until almost 5 in the evening, but the wait was worth it. It wasn't quite as windy and the sun even came out for a bit.

Same as last week. Way. too. fast. I had my sleeve over my Garmin at the beginning and I checked my pace about two or three times during the first mile and saw between 8:45-8:50 each time so I thought that that was decent compared to last week... until I heard the beep for the first mile and checked the lap pace: 8:36. I literally said "Are you f-ing kidding me?!" Out loud. On the trail. I then proceeded to have some lovely positive splits and near the end I decided that if I was going to shoot myself in the foot by starting out too fast I was going to have to keep the pace going to the end. I wouldn't have done it if it was "too much" but the pace increase actually didn't seem too bad.

All in all a solid week. I really enjoyed first week with Best Body Bootcamp. I love the direction with strength training and I love that its not way too much to fit in with my half marathon training.

Here's a look at what's coming up this week. I think I might also post about some thoughts on pace and goals. Since my pace is all over the place right now.

Week 8 | Before.
How'd your training go this past week?

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