Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon Training: Week 6

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I tried to get this up Tuesday and Wednesday but something is strange with my screenshots I'm trying to upload. They look fine on my computer but when I upload them they are quite strange so we shall see how this goes after I publish it.

Here was the plan:

Week 6 | Before.
Here is what happened:

Week 6 | After.

Monday: Nothing special. 4 easy miles on the 'mill and about a 20 minute Pilates workout with good ole Denise Austin.

Tuesday: 4 x 800s on the treadmill. I think 800s might be my favorite speed intervals to do.

Wednesday: I went to a 90 minute heated yoga class. It was a teacher I had gone to several times but the class was new. We did a ton of "reclined crow" poses (can't remember if this is the right name) at the beginning and my hip muscles (?) were so sore for days.

Thursday: A quick 30 minutes on the bike trainer with some extra attention paid to foam rolling and stretching due to sore muscles.

Friday: Well, I had planned 5 miles but I was toying with the idea of getting my 10 miles in before the weekend because we had family in town for Easter. After running around and being in town and forgetting my head phones and going back and then trying my favorite part of the trail and realizing it was still covered in a lot of snow (!) I finally get to where I was going to run from, have everything ready to run and realize I haven't turned on my Garmin to load the satellites. It wouldn't turn on. I took it off the charger that morning so it couldn't have been dead. I decided to go to the battery store anyways which took them a while to tell me they could get the battery but would have no idea how to change it, went to a running store where the guy said it might not be the battery so give Garmin support a call, go home, call, closed for the holiday (it was Good Friday) and then I decided to check the forums online (aka 'googled' it) which was odd cause in almost every other situation in life that would be my first instinct. I found the ways to soft and hard reset combined with putting it on the charger and it has been working fine ever since. By the time I had my Garmin working my family had arrived and I visited with them for a long while and then the motivation to run was completely gone. So, long story long, I didn't run.

Where I started my 10 miles.

Saturday: With a working Garmin I knew I had to get in my 10 miles because that just wouldn't happen on Easter. I waited until about noon for it to warm up a bit (so sick of this unseasonably cold weather) and took off. Let's just say I am so sick of running on the treadmill and I couldn't slow my legs down.

 I say my first mile split pop up and knew that I was going to be dragging by the end, but I also didn't want to slow down my pace dramatically. So the run ended up being far too fast overall with some gross positive splits. At the end I still felt good and strong though, and managed to match my pace pretty close to where I started.

10 miles. Done.
Sunday: Easter. I had planned on doing the fit test for Best Body Bootcamp. But as I posted on Monday, I did that Monday. I just didn't have time on Easter. I thought I would be home maybe around 5pm giving me plenty of time for it but I ended up getting home a little after 8pm and was just too tired.

Overall, a solid week with a solid long run. I may have missed a tempo and an easy run. But my long run was so solid that I don't even care right now. That is definitely not to say that I can start slacking on my training right now, but I tend to be too hard on myself when I miss runs or they don't go as planned so I am trying to be more positive. Things went well enough to dive into this week and Best Body Bootcamp with a positive attitude! Here is what I have in store:

Week 7 | Before.

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