Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running Reflections.

I was going to post as usual (or at least as I usually plan) on Monday about last weeks training but in light of Boston I was not just going to go ahead and post about my training; instead I am going to take a moment of reflection and come back next week with a recap of last week and this week.

I feel like it has all been said; how strong the running community is and will continue to be, how everyones' thoughts and prayers are with those who were most directly effected, and all the things you can do to help.

It is times like these that most people take a moment to reflect and appreciate all that they have to be thankful for. And beyond family and friends being safe the ability to run is on the top of my list. I have cried reading many posts in the last two days, even the happy/inspiring ones and I just wanted to take a moment to reflect here about all that I love about running and all that I look forward to in relation to running.

Every time I step out the door (or more begrudgingly on the treadmill) I try to remember, especially when things get hard, that I do it for me. I do it because I love it and because I can. I do it for everyone who can't. For everyone who would love to have that ability to move their body the way you do when you run.

I love to know where I came from; not being able to run a mile, thinking the act of running just for the sake of running was ludicrous. And to know how much has changed because I wanted it and I worked for it. I love that others may think I am crazy for aspiring to a marathon because I know just what they are thinking because I used to be them.

I love the feeling of accomplishment that running gives me. I love seeing what I can do and then turn around and push to do more. The accomplishments I have had in my running and will hopefully continue to have were never handed to me. I worked for every single one.

I love the community. I believe that you don't even have to be able to run a mile to consider yourself a runner. You just have to be out there trying. Working hard and doing what you can and you are a runner. I love when out on the trail and you see other runners the smiles and waves you exchange because you are both out there doing the same thing and you have that connection.

I am looking forward to my half marathon at the end of May, but not for that one run, but for every run I have been doing and will be doing to get to that point. I am looking forward to starting Marathon training; to going new distances and learning new things about myself as a runner and as a person. I am excited for every run during marathon training that will lead to the starting line of Chicago 2013, through all 26.2 miles and finally across that finish line. I know that because of Boston, marathon training will hold a deeper meaning and that the events of Boston 2013 will not be forgotten by anyone in Chicago, but we will not run in fear.

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